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600 Posts

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Having just crossed 600 posts this morning I thought I would toss out some of the highlights for the last 100. I did this at 500 and 400 and people seemed to like to so here goes. Good times - thanks for reading!

posted by Joshua Griffin @ 2:38 PM |

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At 9/21/2006, Blogger Judy Gregory said...

Josh, love reading your blog. You should check out the Innovative Church Conference sometime (ICC)...not that you don't already get your fill of conferences. See you next week.

At 9/21/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Why thank you! And I've always wanted to get to the ICC ... I (heart) Granger ... always will. Some of my very best friends attend your church. Next year? Isn't it like this week? Argh! :)


At 9/22/2006, Blogger Alli Hibb said...

You are a great friend to our Student Ministry...
thanks for putting the JH blog and Super Sweet Night as 2 of your highlights!!

At 9/22/2006, Blogger Judy Gregory said...

It is this week. It's going really, really well. I live in this environment and have learned a few things myself. If it works out in your schedule next year, let me know and I'll hook you up.


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