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Tabbed Browsing and Live Bookmarks

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On a previous SYM podcast I mentioned "tabbed browsing" as one of the amazing inventions that allowed people to surf the internet at incredible speeds. Basically it's a feature in FireFox that allows you to have multiple windows open surfing the internet at the same time in a single window. In short, that allows you to have one work tab open and five, uh ... non-work sites surfing all simutaneously. It'll take about 5 seconds to figure it out and fall in love.

The other most awesome feature of Firefox is "live bookmarks" which monitor sites and allows you to see headlines and recent posts all from one browser window. It lets you check for updates on sites without ever wasting the time to go there if it's stale. And, it allows you to go directly to the particular news item rather than searching through tons of content on any given site. I use these features every day, so I'm a believer.

Anyhow, I've taken a screenshot (above) on my system as I type this so you can see what it look like if you're considering installing. You won't regret it. This thing is SO powerful, if you haven't given it a test spin yet, you really should. Leave a comment over the weekend with reaction!



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At 9/02/2006, Blogger Mitchem Madness said...

Josh, Microsoft Internet Explolrer 7.0 in beta ( availale know) has those same features. I really love the RSS feeds bookmark feature. You now have something else to look at today.

At 9/02/2006, Blogger Mitchem Madness said...

make that now. oops

At 9/02/2006, Blogger Jason Sansbury said...

Man, seriously- thank you! I had no idea Firefox could do that and it will make my reading and working much better!

At 9/02/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Yes, the new IE (which is in BETA, so I wouldn't do it just yet) takes all of the cues from Firefox and runs with them. It will be GREAT. Right now though, unless you're really into BETA software, I would choose Firefox.



At 9/02/2006, Blogger joshua.michael said...

Thank you for saving me some time!

It is a pretty sweet extention!


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