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Super Sweet Highlights

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Just finished co-hosting the first annual Super Sweet Leader Night and picked up a Super Sweet T-shirt as well. I think I might have used Super Sweet like 400 times in 3 hours. It was such such super sweet fun! Here's some of the highlights.

posted by Joshua Griffin @ 11:02 PM |

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At 9/14/2006, Blogger David Thomas said...

all rightttt --- i made it on the number two highlight. i feel so valued and of importance.

maybe if i was a car....

At 9/14/2006, Blogger Kevin said...

France may not have an army, but it has a fiery madmoiselle named Wendy.

At 9/14/2006, Blogger Kevin said...

p.s. 1984 Laser. 10 years is a big difference. If you're gonna blog, get it right.

(If you think this sounds harsh, know that it's tough love designed to help you bring even more readers to your page.)

At 9/14/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kevin: no one cares.
matt mcgill
(just doing my best to apply your tough love principle)


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