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Pictures from The Gathering

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Couple of pics from The Gathering today - good times were had by all. Great conversations about dealing with senior pastors, pride, resource sharing, kids and more. So great - and ESPNZone tonight!


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At 9/27/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome! Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to post it! I love your blog and I think bloggin is great (no matter what Doug thinks!) It is worth the $5.

At 9/27/2006, Blogger kenny said...

Now I have proof I was there and didn;t just go to Disneyland. Thanks Josh!

At 9/27/2006, Blogger yeahyeahyazz said...

aw how cute. how are you?

At 9/27/2006, Blogger Todd said...

wish I was able to be with you guys Josh. Next year!

At 9/27/2006, Blogger Erik_Thornton said...

a great day! thanks! and here i thought you were just taking our picture because we were such a great group.

At 9/28/2006, Blogger Jim Clark said...

I just have to say... "Who is that awesome dude in that Bears uniform?" That guy looks like an incredible youth worker... ;)


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