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Starting the New Year Right

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Thought Tony had some good stuff today on New Year's resolutions, and there's a good article on YouthMinistry.com on the subject, too. Here's a clip from Ready to Get Serious About That Resolution?
  1. Focus on 30 days not 12 Months: Instead of trying to amp up for 12 months of commitment to something you obviously haven’t been able to do before, focus on just he first 30 days. None of us have will power in these areas of “resolution”, otherwise they wouldn’t need to be a resolution. Instead focus on making it to the point where the pursuit of your resolution can become a habit.
  2. Look for Lifestyle Tipping Points: Resolutions are typically results we haven’t been able to obtain yet - and they feel like big things to accomplish. But usually it is a simple decision or new behavior that will be the “tipping point” to finally pulling it off. For me it is always my sleeping schedule. Just going to bed and waking up earlier is often the tipping point a lot of people need.

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