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Thought this article was an interesting take on Christianity and the blogging world. Would have loved to been at that blogging convention this past week. Here's a clip of their take on blogging and faith:

When Al Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and nationally syndicated talk radio host, addressed the relatively small but enthusiastic audience at GodblogCon 2007 in Las Vegas in early December he pointed out that "the new media" was "a missiological opportunity to which we are obligated."

Mohler emphasized the importance of taking "the new media seriously, not making it a bulletin board for isolated, disconnected, reckless ideas, snarky comments and anonymous diatribes, but rather, a place where seriously-minded Christians do the seriously-minded Christian thing and make serious Christian arguments in a serious Christian way with love and with charity, with boldness and with courage.

"Should Christians go into the wild, wild, west? Yes," said Mohler. "But we need to go in understanding that there is no sheriff. But that doesn't mean that we do not have a higher accountability, certainly we do. "Don't write anything that you wouldn't want your parents, children, pastor or lost neighbor to read. That would certainly change a lot of what many of us are tempted to do. Use language that you can live with over time in terms of accountability. Don't make hit and run attacks and write for more than today. Let your horizon be more than a 24-hour period or the week. Write knowing that someone somewhere is going to find your blog on some future day, and don't be embarrassed. Think before you post. If at all possible, have other eyes that look."


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At 1/03/2008, Anonymous Tony Steward said...

I was at the larger conference that one was held at - always wondered what those guys were talking about in there...

At 1/05/2008, Anonymous Shane Vander Hart said...

They had all of the session up at Scriptorium Daily. Great to listen to. I like Al Mohler's blog, but he really needs a comment section.


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