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Lightsaber Defender

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Various friends have sent me this link and I forgot to post about it - apparently an 11-year old kid wields a pretty good lightsaber. I love it!
An 11-year-old boy demonstrated The Force when he defended his mom by hitting an attacker with a toy lightsaber. The man, in his 30s, fled after being confronted by the youngster outside a bakery in Swardeston, near Norwich, England.

Police said the boy hit the man with his toy after the man had punched and verbally abused his mother as she approached her car. Officers are appealing for witnesses to the Dec. 22 attack. Allan Jennings of the Norfolk Police said: "The incident caused quite a commotion and it is unlikely it would have gone unnoticed."

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At 1/04/2008, Anonymous Tony said...

So how long before this boy is part of a new non-fiction storyline for how the Force originated on earth.

Wasn't there a movie in the 80's about a kid who was really good a video game in his trailer park and it actually ended up being training...

The Last Starfighter! (right?)

Let's adopt a story line like that to this! (lol)


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