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Hillary at AIDS Conference Picture

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Thought this picture of Hillary at the AIDS Conference was interesting. Grabbed it from a likewise interesting article on the subject of Jesus and politics here.

In one way or another, most of the major Republican and Democratic candidates have been hard at work establishing their religious credentials. Some are more explicit, such as Mike Huckabee defining himself on TV as a Christian leader. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regularly stand up for religious progressives. Even thrice-married Rudy Giuliani has talked about how he once considered the seminary.

At some level, I don't fault them. They are trying to reassure voters they share some of their values. That's what Mitt Romney was doing with his big religion speech recently in College Station, Texas. It was understandable, assuming he and the other hopefuls truly do share the values of the voters they hope to reach.

But we voters better watch out when candidates play the Jesus Card. The child born in a manger turned out to be a radical figure. And his message can take us in demanding, unpredictable directions.

For example, there's that hard command to love your enemies. How would the professing candidates abide by that charge? Shouldn't we ask whether that dictum will affect how they deal with the opposition party on Capitol Hill? With Iran? And if it will affect them, how so?

Then there's the fact that Jesus spent much of his ministry challenging his day's religious establishment. Wow, that could create mighty big sparks if any of these candidates really played the Jesus Card.


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