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Go Carts and Stitches

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No blog posts yesterday - enjoyed some time at the high-speed go kart track with the Student Ministries team for a little Christmas break.

It was an amazing time (pictures soon) though it ended abruptly with Jeff (HSM intern) taking a cart to the knee and us spending quality time together at the emergency room. I have a picture of it from my camera phone, but what little sensibility I have left as a youth pastor is stopping me from adding it directly to this post.

Hang in there, Jeff. Ah, the memories!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 8:56 AM |

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At 12/13/2007, Blogger Nate said...

Where is this place? Do you have a link? Bummer about the knee...

At 12/13/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

It was at the Moran Raceway ... amazing!



At 12/13/2007, Blogger karl said...

That's rough, but a much better story than our student's broken nose & concussion from steal the bacon. Anybody can catch a head with their face, but not everybody can catch a go cart with their knee.

At 12/13/2007, Anonymous Andy Brazelton said...

This is the best place ever, we went last year for Christmas. I was kicking Josh's tail up and down the track...


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