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Book Review: Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

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Just finished up another Patrick Lencioni book - this one on the topic of silos. How departments with businesses and ministries all face the temptation to be little islands to themselves. How often is this seen in the ministry world - the church as a whole is heading one direction, but facets underneath are headed every other direction and are all over the place.

It's time the student ministries supported the direction of the church and we fought against islands and silos that hold us back from being great. His answer: crisis. Crisis unites people and creates within them the sense of urgency to forget politics, silos and turf wars and did achieved something for the greater good. He uses the illustration of an ER within a politic-filled hospital that puts everything aside to save a life. See any parallels?

This book might help you on that process if you identify it in your place of service. What is our crisis? Students are living without Christ, living without a genuine Christian mentoring community, not growing in their faith and not using their gifts for service.

THAT is the crisis ... we don't have time for silos, friends. B+


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