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AIDS Activist Finds Christ

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Amazing story this past week after the AIDS Conference - Act Up founder and Aids Institute member David Miller accepted Christ (he got baptized, too)! I got to meet him backstage and talk with him for a few minutes - what a guy! Here's a clip from Crosswalk on the subject:
“I gave, in my speech yesterday, a quote from Paul Monay who said, ‘It seems to me the choice is simple collaborate or resist.’ Paul Monay said something else that is pretty exceptional. It was, ‘Thou shalt not be a victim; thou shalt not be a perpetrator most important of all thou shalt not be a bystander.’ The church was a bystander for a while and then the church came into the epidemic via Rick Warren.

“Up until that time, I didn’t see the church doing much in the epidemic and then Rick did a big thing that somebody needed to do.”

There were, however, several Christian ministries fighting a mainly lone battle to wake-up the Church, including He Intends Victory based in Southern California.

Miller said that Rick Warren had apologized for the misdeeds of some American Christian leaders.

“I needed to have somebody ask for forgiveness and then Rick taught me that I have a need in my life; to learn who Jesus Christ is. That was hard to learn, but he gained my trust as a man and this community [at Saddleback] gained my trust as a body and showed me that they really did care.

“Over a long time of souls searching over two years, Rick came over to my hotel World AIDS Day last year (2006) with Steve Kay and David Shaw, and I accepted Jesus in my life. It was a big deal. There were no trumpets; no bright revelation, I just accepted Christ. It was cool.

“This morning, I woke up and my wife and I debated that Hillary Clinton was coming to speak at the summit and we’ve got all kinds of issues with Hillary, but because we’re Christians now, as well as AIDS activists, today’s going to be a day that we will leave it and we let her say her piece at a place like this.”

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