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7 Deadly Interview Sins

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Thought this article was an interesting one on Forbes about the 7 Deadly Interview Sins. Not exactly everything in it applies to the church, but worth a read if you're hunting for what's next. Here's a clip:

Interviewees: Never forget your judgment is scrutinized at every point of the interview process. That means everything--from what you wear to the language you use--will be examined. Hoffman offers another example in which he flew to Nashville, Tenn., to conduct a preliminary interview on a candidate for president of a waste management firm in Chicago before the client met him.

When he reached the baggage claim there was a casually dressed man in jeans and a T-shirt with a box of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve waiting for Hoffman. He recalls thinking, That's so classy that the candidate sent a driver to pick me up. That person turned out to be the actual job candidate.

When Hoffman suggested there might be a miscommunication about the job and its senior level, the candidate told him, "I'm a hands-on manager, I thought this dress was appropriate." "That was the end of the interview," says Hoffman. "I got on
the next flight out of Nashville."


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At 12/07/2007, Blogger Nick said...

When interviewing at a church wearing jeans and flip flops may be a great way to see what the church is like =)


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