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5 Family Games at Dinner Time

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I don't blog too much about family stuff, but thought tonight I would share some of the fun games we play around the dinner table. Unlike most California families, we eat 4-5 weekday meals homecooked around the table. Here's the conversation starters:
The Favorite Game - I give the category, they give their favorite.
Standards include color, food and sibling. OK, not the brother/sister
part. Movie, part of the day, thing about dad. Amazing how our
kids each have very different favorite things.

The Island Game - We go around the table in 3 rounds and ask for the 3
people you would want on an island with you and the family. Usually the kids
pick their friends or grandparent, but it always is interesting to me when they
pick an adult or staff friend from our lives. I love it when someone pours into
my kids. They really notice it.

The Question Game - Random questions I make up on the spot. No categories, totally random. Just fun stuff that are progressively more difficult with each round. And the older the kid, the tougher the question, too.

Say Something Nice Game - Look at the person on your right and say something nice about them. Not as easy as you would think, but a great game to teach kindness and making amends after a particularly challenging day.

What Does God Want You to Be? Game - We go around clockwise in 3 rounds and simply ask about what the kids want to be when they grow up. One of our favorite games, last night yielded "ninja" and "fireworks shooter." I couldn't be more proud.

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