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Time Management for A.D.D. Youth Workers

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Post-It Notes Before Palm Pilot
I know guys who have all the latest time management gadgets but they can’t seem to actually do the most important things first. If you can’t get the strategic things done with a Daytimer, spending your hard earned cash for a Palm Pilot won’t likely help much.

Blocks and Balconies
Start your week by identifying the major chunks of time you will need to do the most important things. Start with your Sabbath day, then three more blocks in the week when you will be uninterruptably at home. Then carve a 3-hour block to focus on "balcony time" - working only on things that aren’t due this week. Fit your meetings, phone calls and to do lists around your core blocks of time.


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At 11/19/2007, Blogger *Josh* said...

A Palm Pilot may not help, but an iPhone certainly will. I love mine!!!


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