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Shooting an ETV Video Today

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Just finished up a script for our Extending the Vision video we're shooting today up in the Student Zone. This is a rough draft, but I think it'll give us a base to work from? Enjoy, I'll post the final video when it's done this weekend:
(standing near main entrance of Student Zone)
What do you see when you see the Student Zone?
51,000 square feet of dedicated ministry space. And it’s not just for students either. While they’ll get the majority of the time, I’m expecting the whole church – the community, EVERYONE to enjoy this new space.
When I see it, I’m starting to see less metal, dry wall and concrete. The construction equipment is fading away for me and I’m starting to see us using this place. Wow …

Medium pace, music …

(inside the Student Zone)
I see students hanging out in this corner, talking about a struggle they are facing in their personal lives.

(by diner)
I see a kid grabbing lunch during school with an unchurched friend.

(on the junior high stage)
I see students using their talents for God on stage...

(in the sound booth)
… and behind the scenes for God.

(by water bar)
I see students getting a quick Gatorade after an after-school game of basketball with people who would normally never set foot in church.

(by fireplace)
I see students warming themselves by the fireplace as we endure a cold California winter.

(in ½ court gym)
I see a student getting pounded in the head by a dodgeball.

(at the information booth)
I see volunteers having a place to serve and using their talents like never before.

(high school stage)
I see a community concert going on it here. Man, it’s loud.

The pace starts to quicken …

A warm environment for students to learn about Jesus. Hey man, welcome back!

Open mic night at the coffee shop, I don’t even know what slam poetry is, but I’m glad they’re doing it.

I see church members grabbing a coffee and enjoying the free wif-fi.

Mothers with their children playing in the gym, smiles on faces

video games, pool tables

I see another baptism, oh, I wish you could see this!

there’s some kind of a food eating contest over there … oh man, that’s disgusting.

What do I see?


… I see lives being changed.

(Student Zone behind in the distance)
Thanks for giving to Extending the Vision – every single dollar counts right now. Keep giving, keep praying and join me in giving a significant year-end gift to the campaign. We’re just a few months away from seeing a great space and place for our whole church’s use. I couldn’t be more excited!

What do you see when you see the Student Zone?

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At 11/06/2007, Anonymous Josh Byers said...

Great script and great idea. I wish you had posted this a week ago.

I'm involved in a new church plant in the process of building a new student center and just sent out letters today to potential donors. Doh! Maybe next time.

At 11/06/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

How cool, use it next time, bro!



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