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Learnings from Jedi Academy

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Spent a good chunk of Monday afternoon/evening with Kevin at Disneyland. The park was empty, so we (and 2 of my boys) had the run of the park, including Jedi Academy. Kevin made an interesting observation about the experience today on this blog, here's a clip from the introduction:

One of the highlights of the day had to be the Jedi Academy. In case you haven't seen it, real-life Jedis choose kids from the crowd and teach them a series of moves using a lightsaber. After they have "mastered" the routine, Darth Vader and Darth Maul emerge from the stage, complete with Storm Troopers. Each student then gets to take on one of the villains and effectively "defeat" the Darkside.

It's fun and hilarious.I learned something from it though. You see, after each kid is chosen, they line up and wait to receive a Jedi training robe. Right when Josh's oldest son made it to the front of the line, the person handing out robes walked away to help another Jedi-to-be. Immediately, panic set in. Josh's son thought that he had been forgotten and that there was going to be no Jedi training robe and thus, no Jedi training. You could almost see the questions that were forming in his head. "What about me? I NEED my training robe. What if I don't get one? What will I do then?" It was about this time that instructor returned and gave him a robe. End of story.


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