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It's a Fat World After All

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I visited Disneyland Friday night with the family and noticed that It's a Small World was closed. Someone said it was to decorate for Christmas and I didn't give it another thought. Then I read this in Wired, talking about renovating the ride starting in January:
If there's a sadder commentary on the state of American society, we can't think of it -- we've grown so fat we sink the boats of It's A Small World.

According to Miceage, the boats routinely bottom out under the weight of super-sized riders, bringing the popular ride to a grinding -- literally -- halt. That's increased the wear and tear on the fiberglass boats, which have been in use since the ride opened during the 1964 World's Fair, when Americans, on average, weighed 25 pounds less than we do today.

It's a big problem. Other rides, including the drop in the Pirates of the Caribbean, face the same problem, Miceage says, but nowhere is it more of headache than It's a Small World.

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At 11/05/2007, Blogger Julie Hibbard said...

I weigh about 100 pounds more than I did in 1964. i was one year old.
Sad story. But they sure haven't stopped selling candy, popcorn and hotdogs, have they?


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