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Intern Focused Past Few Days

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Enjoyed some time with Jeff up at a press screening of a movie in Hollywood last night, grabbed a great lunch with Brian working on his resume as he finishes up his internship in early summer, and we just told the interns we're taking them up to the Rethink conference in Anaheim this January, too. Going to be fun!

30 Aha! Moments from 30 Leading Influencers
This January, Rethink will orchestrate an unprecedented convergence of some of the most influential Christian and global thinkers, innovators, and leaders at the famed Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Rethink is hosted by the internationally renowned Dr. Robert Schuller (Hour of Power), and thought provoking cultural architect Erwin McManus.

Cultural Icons - Get inside their minds
For three days, you'll be immersed in the latest thoughts of respected icons in media, politics, faith, science, business and technology. Utilizing the latest media technology, each speaker will reveal their perspectives, discoveries, strategies and action plans in 20 riveting minutes. Challenged to deliver an information packed presentation, the speakers will weigh in on everything from life-changing world issues to surprising cultural trends to Christian outreach to secrets of success to the dynamics of relationships.


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