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Do Not Let This End Today

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DO NOT LET THIS END TODAY. So where do I go from here? In my mind you’re next step could be any of these 5 things:
INITIATE – maybe your response is to simply say “yes” to God. Yes to a relationship with Christ, yes to what God is stirring in you. I hope you’ll talk to a youth leader nearby you at your location and talk about what God is doing in your life as a result of today.

EDUCATE – maybe today your big takeaway is to educate yourself and others around you to the HIV pandemic. Maybe you need to be the champion in your student ministry, the voice and heart in your church. Educate people about what is going on and how the church can and should respond.

PARTICIPATE – there are scores of ways to participate in your local community. Look for mission trips, local shelters, where ever there’s a need - volunteer somewhere to directly and physically help someone with HIV/AIDS.

DONATE – give yourself away. Give away your time – be present with someone. Touch someone with HIV/AIDS hug them with your body and embrace them with your heart. Give away your resources, your time your money. Give. Give it all.

PRAY – really, all of us should be doing this. Pray for those infected with AIDS. Pray for those that are affected by AIDS. Pray for the countries that are ravished by this pandemic. Pray for the church that it would respond like never before. Pray for leadership (of your church, your government) to make wise decisions. Pray for health and education of the helpless orphans. Pray that we will no longer sit but respond to the crisis.
And that’s the point of this whole day. RESPOND. We’ve had enough awareness. We’re all aware. It’s time to do something. And when you do, let us know about it and maybe you’ll be on stage at next year’s summit. See you then.

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