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CONTEST: Wing Clips T-Shirts

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Want to get one of 4 WingClips.com T-Shirts I've got sitting here in my office?

They sent me a few shirts and a grand prize of a premium subscription to their service. I blogged about them earlier about how we use their free service in our ministry. Grab a movie clip to illustrate your point. So awesome - to enter, just leave a comment about a clip from their site you will use in a future talk and how it will support your message.

Oh, an sorry - I used to have a few more shirts, but the staff here has been raiding the box already this morning. Leave a comment quick to get in!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 9:50 AM |

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At 11/01/2007, Blogger Nick said...

The other day I downloaded "Most - The Bridge" from Wingclips. It is an awesome clip about a father's love and the pain wrenching decision it takes to sacrifice someone that you love for the life of another person.

In short there is a train coming towards a draw bridge that is raised...the train is early...as the son tries to get his father's attention to lower the bridge, he recognizes that he must do something about it or the people will die. As the father comes on the scene he sees the train coming and his son trying to manually lower the bridge, the son falls into the hole where the gears are...the father has to decide to save his son or save the hundreds of people on the train. He chooses to save the people on the train. As the train safely passes, the father is torn, crying out in agony, as he knows his son is dead...the people on the train ride right past not knowing the sacrifice required to cross the bridge and live.

I am going to use this clip to enhance my message by pointing out God's love for us, his son's sacrifice for us, the fact the the world does not even know what was done on their behalf, and that sharing our story and the story of Christ should be done out of a response to his love. Something along those lines, it is all still in the works.

Check out the clip:

At 11/01/2007, Blogger Nick said...

Woops...Click the link below to go to the "Most" clip:

Most-The Bridge

At 11/01/2007, Blogger Riverdale Youth said...

Lately, we have been having students struggling with unconditional love. The "Narnia - Edmunds return" clip would be great to use as support to show the love that is granted to someone no matter what was done by them. This is a great picture of forgiveness and unconditional love.


At 11/02/2007, Blogger Mike Conner said...

I am going to use "Can't keep me down-big decision" for an upcoming lock in. The theme is "Finding your way" and the entire night is based on John 14:6.

will use the clip to intro the message for the night.

At 11/02/2007, Blogger Lee said...

Finishing up a series on the beatitudes and Matthew 5. The last part of it is on being insulted and persecuted because of Christ. This clip will fit perfectly to stress that many others are persecuted beyond simply being made fun of by friends.

The Communion of Saints Under Fire-She Refused

At 11/02/2007, Anonymous Blair Benefield said...

I have never seen nor heard of this site before and think it is AWESOME!!

We are tyring to build our leadership team right now and I am trying to express how the students can't just expect who they think are the "key students" to take the lead on this and that God can use everyone. I am going to use the clip from The Final Season--Hang one on. This is where the hopes of the championship is on the shoulders of the star and when he fails, he buckles under the pressure.

Thanks for the info on the great web site. That's prize enough for me. But I'll also take that t-shirt Josh. Thanks!


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