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Anonymous Isn't Insignificant

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The best ministry in the world is being done by complete unknowns. The best churches in America will never make it on those lists of the 'fastest-growing' or 'most influential.' Some of the best writers write for their own congregation, and speakers that speak to their own people and not a vast worldwide television audience. Amazing impact is happening in little known congregations. Some of the most caring and Jesus-like people are serving selflessly today without a second thought about their "personal brand."

I love this!

Today in the message on ministry and serving at Saddleback (which was all video of Pastor Rick at various spots on campus with various people) Pastor Doug mentioned that, anonymous doesnt equal insignificant.

Youth ministry as a whole would be better served with people out to make a difference and not to make a name for themselves. What could you do today to make sure this is a reality in your life? Could you give credit to your volunteers instead of taking the praise for yourself?

What else? Add a comment if you've got something to say.


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At 11/19/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am significant!

At 11/19/2007, Blogger kenny said...

I totally agree. For years I tried to get to know the right people or put myself in the right situation to become "known." All that did was make me unsatisfied where I was.

Then I realized that my kids don't care who Doug Fields or Andy Stanley or Louie Giglio are. They care who I am though, and that I spend time with them impacting their life.

Isn't that the real reason for youth ministry, anyway? To Love Christ through loving kids...


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