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1-Minute Bible Sale at Simply

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Simply Youth Ministry just put up their 1-Minute Bible on sale for $9.99 for the month of December to help students start the New Year off right. It's the best-selling resource in the store. Awesome!
The great thing about the One Minute Bible for Students is that you will never again get stuck in Leviticus for forty years. The One Minute Bible for Students moves you through the entire Bible—from Creation to the return of Jesus—in just ONE YEAR!

The One Minute Bible for Students won’t replace your Bible. It will inspire you to take side trips into your Bible to see what came before and what comes after the passage you just read. These bite-size servings of Scripture are sure to increase your appetite for God’s Word.

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At 11/29/2007, Blogger lmcfadden said...

I still dont know how I feel about this time of "Bible" study. The blurb said it will help students take "side trips" into their Bible? I'm going to order one to check it out, but it seems that this is to focused on what the student can get out of a small piece of scripture removed from its context. I'm not so sure that I would consider that Scripture anymore? I realize that is a harsh statement, and I don't want to slam anyone for trying to get students into the Word. But if this is there "Bible" for the year, I'm a little scared. I'd be interested in others thoughts on this.

At 11/29/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I think it one tool for youth workers to use - I appreciate the sentiment for sure however. Keep in mind probably a large percentage is doing nothing with their Bibles, and this could be a first step in opening them.

I would also offer that in the PDYM book a "quiet time" or "hang time with God" is the first step. Studying Scripture more in depth and memorizing Scripture are also big second steps in that process. The onus here is for students to start small and take a baby step forward.

Thanks for the comment!


At 11/29/2007, Blogger Nick said...

lmcfadden...if I may add a comment as well?!
I have heard Doug say time and time again that the point is not to have students stuck at only reading 1 minute a day, the point is to get students interested in what they are reading (in a teen friendly version) so that they grow hungry to dive into the Word more often and in deeper segments than just "1 minute." (Not his exact words)

It definitely works, but some students will go deeper at different paces than others. I hope you find it works with your group!

At 12/02/2007, Anonymous LadyJadamarnew said...

This sounds like a really good resource . . . for me! [head smack] I should get it and use it with my daughter so that we both stay in the Word.

Hope all is well fellow Griffin. ;-)


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