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Your Youth Ministry is Driven By Something

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I wrote an article this week taking a quick look at what foundation and philosophy many youth ministries are built on. Can you think of some more to add to the list? Read the full article on SYM or PDYM's blog, here's a preview:

Personality Driven Youth Ministry - the youth worker with the most charisma wins. Everything is about the person leading the ministry, as long as he or she doesn’t burn out. The church went out and found the sharpest, funniest, most outgoing youth worker they could. The youth ministry ends up being a mile wide and an inch deep.

Entertainment Driven Youth Ministry – bigger and better is the idea of the day here. Lights, camera, action! All flash with no substance. Entertainment, media and creativity certainly have their place in youth ministry, but without the proper balance this ministry puts on a good show that impresses but rarely sees life change.

Program Driven Youth Ministry – in this model, a youth group that has students out every night of the week is a successful one. The emphasis here is on attendance, where the busyness actually pleases church parents and keeps the elders off your back. People are always secondary to programs.

Babysitting Driven Youth Ministry – just keep everyone happy. Gather the students together in their holy fellowship huddle and teach them the Bible for discipleship. Parents love it because they have some adult time and you are teaching their students the Bible they aren’t getting at home. The discerning youth worker will eventually realize the shallowness of this approach.


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At 10/11/2007, Blogger Darth Pastor said...

Don't forget stomach driven youth ministry: If you feed them, they will come.


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