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What Interns Need

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I've enjoyed getting to know a potential intern here on the junior high team over breakfast this morning, then I read on the PDYM blog about Danny's recent learnings in his intern ministry. Thought there were some good insights over there. Here's an excerpt:
1- They need leadership. They need someone to guide & direct them as well as care for them. They need a leader to help them get down to business as well as have fun with what they are doing. They need someone to help them see how God has wired them & how to use that for ministry. They need to see a model of a healthy youth worker & follower of Christ.

2- They need boundaries. These boundaries are not just for what they are & aren't supposed to do, but also so they know the freedoms they have. I don't believe in holding their hands if they have shown themselves to be competent leaders. I believe giving them freedom is a necessity to show them you trust them. But also they get the freedom when they show they have earned it. The boundaries allow them to remember what their role is as well as how they can lead on their own.

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