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The Senior Pastor and You

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Thought this was a good new article on YouthMinistry.com. Check it out here, and here's an excerpt regarding the senior pastor and the youth pastor. What a critical relationship:
I understood why they had such a hard time getting a new youth minister.

The biggest issue was the senior pastor. He was almost impossible to work with. His management style was to use intimidation to scare the staff into meeting heavy goals. He openly said lawyers' offices and businesses use threats and discipline to accomplish their goals, so churches should do the same. He talked down to the staff. He raised his voice at people. He was critical.

Once I walked into the church office after he'd given a thorough dressing-down to the administrative assistant. He walked out, and she said to me: "When you become a minister, don't ever be like him."

Very few of us operate at our best -- and enjoy it -- when our manager treats us that way. I couldn't get out of there soon enough. I left after eight months -- eight months that felt like an eternity.

Fortunately he was the exception rather than the rule in my ministry. The other three senior pastors I served with were supportive and encouraging and genuinely interested in the youth ministry and me personally.

Your life and ministry are much more fulfilling when your senior pastor supports you.


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