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Saddleback's Regional Website

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Just noticed on McGill's blog that Saddleback's regional website is now live. He's got a blog on it as well, and here's a clip from the launch strategy. So exciting!
In the past, we decentralized our midweek Congregation. Instead of gathering as a large group on Wednesday nights in the Worship center, we placed our members in homes, so that they could grow with one another in a small group setting and thus experience the truth that we’re better together.

Now is the time to decentralize our weekend Crowd in much the same way. Our Saddleback Lake Forest campus is nearly maxed out. Unfortunately we are turning away hundreds of cars each week during our busiest services. By casting a wider net and coming together in smaller congregations around Orange County, we can offer more options to attract the non-churched and connect them to Jesus instead of turning them away.

Our goal is a bold one: Saddleback will plant ten new campuses in and around Orange County by the end of 2010. Can it be done? Absolutely! Through God’s power this can happen. We’re going to literally need the help of thousands. Each new campus will need hundreds of people committed to attending, serving, or supporting a new congregation in some way.

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