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Purpose and Process

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Today at the intern meeting I covered some of my recent learnings from the book Simple Church. I focused on our primary process for discipleship (the baseball diamond, which is complimented in the book) and we talked about how programs and ministries should move people along the process but often times end up being a distraction.

I made a comparison to churches being a congested highway with many cars clogging the road, instead of one well-oiled bus that motors down in one vehicle. We talked a lot about how so many noises drown out the most important messages, with everyone competing louder and louder so their voice is heard. Eventually all you hear is noise.

I hope it was challenging - seemed to stir up some great discussion. Often times we talk about purpose and challenge programs on the basis of purpose, but don't take the same time to evaluate based on process. Will this "next best idea" not only accomplish a purpose, but will it actually help move people along our simple discipleship process?


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