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Pain in Being a Pastor

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I've had some interesting conversations about this topic this week - there can be a lot of pain in ministry. The highs are really high but sometimes the lows can be really low. I heard one person suggest that being a pastor sometimes means you have a target on your back. Friends, being in the ministry is so worth it. Is it difficult? Yup. Will it test you in ways you don't want to be tested? Oh yeah.

Perry had some strong thoughts on it today worth the time to read. Here's a clip from the beginning to get you started:

One of the things I have been both complimented and criticized for is my willingness to be vulnerable and honest, so today’s post is going to be just that. Let me NOT begin with a funny story or illustration, but with the bottom line of this post, All pastors, whether they want to admit it or not, are carrying around with them intense amounts of pain…sometimes it’s more, and others it’s less–but it is always REAL.

(NewSpring–this is NOT some sort of message from me to you…this is a post where I feel incredibly led to minister to pastors who may be hurting! AND God has an amazing sense of humor–this article was actually written last Thursday, before the local “excitement” from this past weekend.)

I have a heart for pastors and so today I would just like to share the three areas that I believe cause the most pain in a pastors life.

#1 - Pain From Loneliness

I served on staff for nearly a decade at two other churches before starting NewSpring Church, and I can remember thinking about the pastors I served under, “I do just as much as they do, and I don’t think they deal with any more junk that I have to deal with.” I made those assumptions because I was arrogant, stupid and wrong. Trust me when I say that only a pastor can understand the pain of a pastor.


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