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An Open Letter to Yoda

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Just found this great article on YouthMinistry.com - here's a clip of the piece entitled An Open Letter to Yoda. So fun ...
Don't get me wrong. I love Yoda. You know - that little green Jedi who sounds like Kermit the Frog on steroids? I love that he's two feet tall and can whoop up on bad guys 3 times his size

I especially like how after he opens up a can of Star Wars kick tail and jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean, he leans on his staff and limps off into the sunset.

Except there is one wayward thing about the Jedi Master that I must mention: his view of God. When he's whipping out wise and whimsical sayings about life, he's right on the mark. But when Yoda goes into all things spiritual: Coruscant we have a problem!

Yoda is a prime time preacher for a thing called The Force. An impersonal energy field that "surrounds us and binds us" (Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back). With The Force you can do all kinds of cool things like lift up X-Wings and do major flips, but if you need a personal God to connect with, I'm afraid you're out of luck, karma, or whatever phrase you'd like to use.

Too bad that Yoda was never able to get a hold of a Bible. It would have simplified his life so much, because he could have discovered everything he needed to know about the nature of God from the very mouth of God.

Maybe he's still out there somewhere. Maybe he's even able to read Soul Fuel because he ran a google search on "Yoda" and it linked him to dare2share.org? Or not. Either way, I would like to offer you an open letter to our Jedi hero, because it's definitely something that would help us in our understanding of the God who gave us earthly life, died to give us eternal life, and is coming back one day to bring us into the perfect life.

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