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Ken Blanchard in Church

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By far my favorite part of this weekend in big church was an interview/testimony Ken Blanchard, author of 1-Minute Manager and a ton of other business books and the founder of Lead Like Jesus. His home burned down this week in the fires around San Diego, and it was a super powerful testimony about his worship of Christ when he's lost it all.
If you want to watch the service, and/or see the testimony, our church recently removed the password protection on the live and archived services, so click away!
Ken Blanchard saw it all go up in smoke this week. The bestselling business author of “The One Minute Manager” and two dozen other international business and leadership bestsellers watched from a television as his beloved Rancho Bernardo home burned to the ground. What is God’s purpose now for those who lost everything this week? How can you look up when your burned out?

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At 10/29/2007, Anonymous Tim Lemons said...

Wow, I'm glad you guys removed the password. I'll start watching every week!


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