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Is the Crust Really Better for You?

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So as I was cutting off the crust of my children's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today and it brought up the age old question on if that is the best part of the bread or not. My diligent web research hasn't yielded a clear answer. I've seen it both ways so far ... anyone know the truth? Anyone else care or is it just me?
No...it is NOT more nutritious. I make bread EVERYDAY for a bakery and the crust is no where near as nutritious as the inner part. The outer part of the bread cooks faster which makes it the crust and that cooks all the nutrients out of it. Because of that fact, the inner part of the bread stays packed with its vitamins and contrary to what everyone else is saying, the yeast does not move to the outer part of the bread.

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At 10/21/2007, Blogger David said...

eating the crust shows something of your character. in most cases it isn't as nice as the rest of the sandwich... but eating shows your perseverance and determination!

also in australia it's said that eating your crusts gives you curly hair. i ate all my crusts (still do). my hair is curly. the math is simple!

At 10/21/2007, Blogger Christian Gowan said...

...well THAT explains why my hair is sooo straight. hahaha. Thank you for the scientific analysis. Helpful.


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