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Fake Steve Jobs Writes a Book

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This made me laugh - the guy behind the (Fake) Steve Jobs has a book coming out this Christmas, and a book tour to boot. Here's a clip from Wired, if you don't read (Fake) Steve, it's pretty stinkin' funny.
The "Fake Steve Jobs" blogger who jealously guarded his anonymity for nearly a year will soon embark on a publicity tour to tout his forthcoming book.

Forbes magazine editor Dan Lyons had intended to publish "oPtion$: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs" under a pseudonym. But in August, after a reporter with The New York Times exposed the satirical alter-ego of Apple Inc.'s CEO, Da Capo Press revamped the galley and added a biography on the back flap.

Meanwhile, a publicity executive at Cambridge, Mass.-based Da Capo Press called bookstores and arranged readings in the San Francisco area around the Nov. 1 publication - a book tour hadn't been planned because his identity was supposed to remain secret.

Lyons is not planning extensive travels elsewhere, however. Da Capo told him it was too late for a big tour - and Lyons lamented that the book might bomb outside of Silicon Valley. Lyons' isn't even hopeful about his hometown of Boston.

"Being too insiderish - it's my biggest concern," Lyons told The Associated Press. "Maybe it's one of those things where if I had a couple more months to make another pass, I could find a way to make it more universal."


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