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Drowning in Paperwork

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I overheard the shredder working overtime this week getting rid of some old paperwork that contained somewhat sensitive information. Are you drowning in paperwork? A new article on your YouthMinistry.com helps you get your head above water. Good stuff, here's a clip:
1. Take time to get it right. If the organization that needs your forms will be scanning them, they could require blue or black ink, writing in all caps within the boxes, or filling in the circles completely. Spend a few moments before you hand them out so kids and parents know what’s required. Remind them. And give them the right color pen. Most organizations require the original forms with original signatures—not faxes or photocopies.

2. Know the due dates…then back-track two weeks. There are good reasons why organizations need your paperwork by a particular time. If you fail to do that, you might not be able to participate. Try telling THAT to your kids and parents: “Um, we can’t go because I didn’t send our stuff in on time.” So play it safe. Whatever date the forms are due to the organization, require your young people to give them to YOU two weeks before. That allows a little grace period for that one family that ALWAYS misses the deadline. It also gives you a last chance to look through them to make sure everyone filled out all the required places and signed in all the right places.

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At 10/28/2007, Blogger .justin said...

or you can tell the family that is ALWAYS LATE to suck it up, get less busy, and have some character!

[note: for those that are ALWAYS late only! b/c it probably extends into a spiritual issue... and that's our job!]


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