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Becoming a Team

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Dan has a great new post on the PDYM blog about transitioning to a new church. This week he takes on becoming a team in your new place of service. Good stuff, here's an excerpt:
Cast the Vision Often
It is important for your team to know where the ministry is headed and why. This will help answer questions about why you are doing certain things a certain way and not doing some things that may have been good in the past. It also allows them to begin to tell others about what is going on in the student ministry. This keeps you from being the only voice speaking on behalf of students!

People want to be Heard and Valued
While we talked about past events and future events we asked for input. It was so good to hear from the team what they thought could enhance our events and ministry. Allowing the team to share ideas and insight gives them ownership of the student ministry. Plus it and helps them see their value on the team.

Have Good Communication
This can be tough, but bad communication leads to confusion. We try to send out a weekly e-mail to ALL of our volunteers. This e-mail contains a week review and highlights some things we want them to be aware of. Along with e-mails, we point our volunteers to our website where they can gain specific forms, helps, curriculum and training. This has been a tremendous help for us and cuts down on supply cost.


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At 10/09/2007, Blogger Mike Conner said...

good stuff...right in the midst of transition/moving. taking a new position next week and this is timely for me


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