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Apple is Arrogant

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Engadget is reporting that the new Leopard operating system released this week for Apple computers has an unusual icon for when the OS finds a Windows-based PC on the network. It is a dated CRT monitor with the blue screen of death.

Now, I can imagine some of my Mac friends finding this particularly funny, giggling with delight at the discovery. And don't write this off as a Mac-hater, either I'm not a PC groupie either. I use iTunes every day, I've got an iPod, my Pocket PC has iPhone envy and I've really considered making the switch when the Vaio dies. But I think it's really disappointing - thought this blogger put it well:

Arrogance is ugly. If you claim to care about aesthetics and design, it's in your interest to keep from being completely tacky and lacking in taste.

To be honest, there's really only room for mocking everybody else if you're absolutely flawless. And even then, it's pretty bad taste. I've seen exactly what it looks like firsthand to see people take cheap shots and make snide comments about their nominal competitors, and it invariably makes the complainer look worse than the ostensible target. When the company you're taking a shot at is Microsoft, that's saying a lot.

So, to Apple: Your company's value, as measured by market capitalization, is way up. You're dominating the markets you care about. The quality of your products is generally very good -- my main laptop runs OS X and we've got the requisite geek household pile of various-generation iPods around. Apple's got my money, to the tune of thousands of dollars. But this level of sneering arrogance, at a time when a little humble appreciation of success is well in order, would go a long way.

You're succeeding. Act like it.


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At 10/30/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

i'll admit it. i smirked when i read the first few lines. :)

At 10/31/2007, Blogger Stripedgecko said...

Wow, I think a lot of people need to lighten up over this! The pc/mac debate is long running, and this "jab" is not below the belt. it's funny, because it's a joke.

At 10/31/2007, Blogger .justin said...

i'm a mac user... and i like it.

bring down that goliath giant.

he is evil.

At 10/31/2007, Blogger Nick said...

*still laughing*

At 11/09/2007, Blogger craig h said...

Hmmm. Since -- in addition to my Macs -- I also have two Dells at home, am only half arrogant? Or is that like being a little pregnant?


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