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5 Trends in Growing Churches

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Just saw this press release from Outreach Magazine about growing churches in the US. Here's the 5 trends their recent study revealed - there's plenty more insight and statistics after the click. It would be interesting to use this list as a tool to see if you're following the current best practices:

Megatrend No. 2 —Multi-site technology: Churches today are increasingly creative in their use of time and space. U.S. churches are holding as many as six to seven or more weekend services with even large churches giving their services a smaller church "feel" while targeting niche audiences. Multi-site technology has allowed churches to expand across city, state and even national borders.

Megatrend No. 3 —Political action in new ways: While Christian churches have long been perceived as monolithically right wing, today, more of them are using their platform to tackle issues not historically connected with those of the Religious Right. Church leaders like Saddleback Church Senior Pastor Rick Warren and Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northand, A Church Distributed in suburban Orlando, are championing issues such as eliminating poverty and creation care. These leaders represent a new vision of holistic social justice, including abortion and traditional family issues, as well as the challenges of poverty and creation care.

Megatrend No. 4 – Ethnic diversity: The escalating ethnic diversity in the U.S. population is becoming increasingly reflected in American churches as the Hispanic and Asian populations continue to increase in the United States.

Megatrend No. 5 – Return to discipleship: Many megachurches today are recalibrating their core purpose–returning to the foundational ethic of multiplication through discipleship rather an emphasis on personal self-help and church growth methods.


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At 10/03/2007, Blogger swanzy said...

If you don't display and promote diversity here in miami/fort lauderdale area you die! I have on my support staff an 2 african americans, 1 puerto rican, 1 cuban, 2 mexicans, and 2 anglos... I don't think I am cool because of it it's just stupid to not be diverse irregardless of increasing population trends. I can't understand as effectively a culture I didn't come from as well as someone who has come from there can. It adds so much on top of that anyway that you can't understand unitl you are there. Look around you and if you are not doing life with someone who doesn't look like you you're not diverse.


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