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5 Things to Look for When Hiring Staff

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Thought Perry had a good post today about what to look for when hiring staff to your team at church. This is good when you're thinking about future hires - and as an aside, translating this article to a volunteer context might be a way to use this perspective in your ministry today, too:
#2 - Potential - At NewSpring Church we hire for potential…where a person has been OR the amount of education a person may have doesn’t really matter to us. Seriously, we have ONE person with a seminary degree on our staff…and a couple of our key leaders never completed their college degree. You give me a staff full of fire and passion to change the world and I couldn’t give a rats rear end about their “formal training.” Many times I have made a hire and the person actually has no experience in the area in which they are being hired for…but what they did have was raw passion and a desire to learn…and I have seen God do some amazing things with these people!!!

#3 - Character - Are they godly? Do they love Jesus? If this is unclear then I would not make a move…IF that kind of thing is important to you!

#4 - Chemistry - Do you like them? Seriously…can you get along? Do you actually enjoy seeing them heading your way in the hall? There are too many churches in America where there is no staff unity because the pastor has his staff hired for him by some flippin committee who doesn’t know JACK about the day to day operations of the church. Ask yourself…are they likable? BUT please understand that, even if you like them, this does not mean that you should hire them! BUT…it is nice to enjoy the company of the people you work with!

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