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24,000 Purpose Driven Life in 1 Day

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Thought this was a cool story about a jillion PDL books ending up in some prisons this week. So awesome, what life change will result from this church's effort? Here's a clip from ABPNews.com:

Giving Rick Warren’s best-selling The Purpose Driven Life to prisoners is nothing new for church volunteers. In fact, O.J. Simpson reportedly received a copy of the inspirational book from ministers at Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, where he recently was incarcerated on armed robbery charges.

But St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C., is distributing the book on a much broader scale than most groups. On Sept. 25, church members gave a copy of The Purpose Driven Life to every prisoner in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. They gave away some 24,000 copies.

Greg Barr, pastor of St. Andrews, came up with the idea after his involvement with a 30-year-old bible study group at a prison in Columbia. They had studied another of Warren’s books, 40 Days of Purpose, together and wanted to expand it. And
expand it they did. In a single day, prison workers and Baptist volunteers transported thousands of books to the state’s 29 prisons.

“It was a surprise for some of our folks because in a lot of the prisons, they were expecting that we’d set up tables at the chapel and let inmates come to us, but it wasn’t like that,” Barr said. “They just sent us out to the dorms. It wasn’t a real sterile deal -- you were out there just interacting with the guys.” Barr’s pet
project had plenty of inside help. Leaders at the congregation Warren pastors, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., sold the church special prison-tailored versions of the books for $1 a copy. South Carolina corrections officials, who normally limit the number of books inmates can have at a given time, agreed to waive the limit for 30 days so that Warren’s book wouldn’t count against it.


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