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YouVersion Alpha Review

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Been playing around with YouVersion on and off the past few days, and absolutely loving it.

Honestly, this is going to be a great tool. Perhaps one of the most significant innovations in our niche in a long time. Basically it is a community version of the Bible, allowing you to post comments, insight, learnings, video and more to the website. You also get your journal for personal thoughts you want to keep private. On it's own it is essentially an online Bible - with the community and the tools they are providing it is far more than that. It will become a massive pool for youth workers to collaborate share and take their ministries far beyond their current state.

YouVersion isn't quite ready for primetime, the search function has a ways to go yet and honestly there's just not enough versions of the Bible for it to be universally accepted/used. Having said that, I'm confident they will add more versions of the Bible and the search feature, just in the time I've been checking it out, has improved drastically.

There is one word I want to use to describe the potential of this site: remarkable.

Honestly, imagine a place where you search for verses or topics, grab maps, illustrations, a testimony and a video as you prepare your talk. Imagine a place where youth workers congregate to share outlines, slides and MP3s with each other - all centered around the Bible. I love it - and can't wait until everyone sees in in the Beta in the coming weeks. Brilliant work, gang.


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At 9/12/2007, Blogger stephen said...

so the question is... how do I get my invite? :)

At 9/12/2007, Anonymous Chris Reeder said...

I want an invite?
Do you have incite?

At 9/19/2007, Blogger stephen said...

um... I don't think so? What is incite? Sorry for the delay... I've been off at some student gatherings for the last week.


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