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Video Game Review: Rayman Raving Rabbids

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Been playing this game with the kids this past week, managed to pick it up trading in a few games. Hey, I need something to do until Halo 3 comes out.

This is a great game for kids - basically a collection of mini-games for kids featuring Rayman versus evil rabbits. While it does have some decidedly odd moments where you might question the designers (slamming outhouse doors to keep bad rabbits locked inside, for example), it is a great game that kids can actually play. After last year's amazing-but-way-out-of-reach Viva Pinata, it's fun to have a game where they can actually beat some levels. And they are odd levels to be sure - so far throwing cows is my favorite, though the dance levels are also super fun.

For most adults this is an easy pass, but I couldn't pass it up for $19 brand new. Fun with the kids, average graphics, average sound and an odd collection of minigames. B-


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At 9/18/2007, Blogger Lyndale said...

B- on the 360
A+ on the Wii


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