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Vegemite Sandwich

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Hmmm ... had my first Vegemite sandwich today here in Australia. Have to say it is an acquired taste for sure. Had to try it as long as I was here. I hear we're having kangaroo steaks for lunch tomorrow - no joke!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 4:22 AM |

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At 9/22/2007, Blogger David said...

do americans have toast for breakfast?? if so what do you put on it if you don't have Vegemite???

kangaroo is nice... don't let them cook it too long... plum sauce is good on it.

At 9/22/2007, Anonymous amy b said...

josh, i lived in australia and could NOT bring myself to ever eat more than a bite of the vile stuff. i even brought over my own jar of crunchy peanut butter so that i could make pbj when i was missing home. try a kangaroo burger! deee-licious!

At 9/22/2007, Blogger MJ said...

did you meet a man that was six foot for and full of muscles?


At 9/22/2007, Blogger Tammie said...

and did he say do you speak my language, then smile and give you a bite of his vegemite sandwich?

No, seriously, the second I saw those post it was Men at Work rolling through my brain. mj just beat me to the comment (and did a much better job of referencing the song!)

Thanks, Josh.



Thanks ...


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