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Student Ministry Learnings from Halo 3

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Corey Mann has a great new article on YouthMinistry.com called What I Learned from Halo 3. It is awesome because a) I love Halo, b) I love Wired, and c) I love Corey ... er ... student ministry. Here's a clip of what he had to say - read a bit here then head there for the whole piece. Awesome:
KEEP TWEAKING - The designers at Bungie Studios have been tweaking HALO 3 for the past three years. They need to know "Does Halo 3 rock? Do people enjoy it, do they get a sense of speed and purpose?" When was the last time we asked students and/or leaders how we were doing as a student ministry? Sure we also want our ministry to "rock" so we must constantly "tweak". Bungie has hired one guy to lead a team to specifically "find flaws in Halo 3".

WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON - Bungie doesn't just test its own games. It also buys copies of rival titles and studies those, too, to see how HALO matches up. When was the last time I went to visit another ministry in their element? Its been a long time. Sure, I could go to a conference and listen to THEIR report of how they do things but to actually see it all unfold in their environment would be helpful.

CREATE AN EXPERIENCE - Bungie needs to create an experience that is challenging enough to thrill the 15 million existing hardcore fans of HALO-yet appealing enough to lure in millions of new players. So do we. We have many students who show up and we still need to engage them with new, creative, innovative ideas but at the same time-their is a whole new batch of students somewhere out there who need to be invited to the party.

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At 9/25/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

Dude, I'm totally hacked. My copy of Halo 3 that was promised to arrive today in mail that I preordered? It was a giant no show. However, the 18 copies of "Captivating", that book about the wonders of women or whatever ... that totally showed up days early TODAY. I'm completely bitter. A million games are rocking it right now and all I have is a can of Gamer Fuel to star at. : (

At 9/25/2007, Blogger Corey Mann said...

Thanks for the shout-out.
I saw this shirt and thought of you.

At 9/26/2007, Blogger Kevin said...

Great analogy!

My mom's bringing me back a copy of Halo from Hawaii. That's right suckers. Who's gonna be the only guy on the mainland playing Halo: Hula Evolved? Me.

At 9/26/2007, Blogger David said...

hey man...
pic and podcast are both now online.. find them at my blog.


At 9/27/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

It's still not here. I'm never pre-ordering a game from Best Buy again. : ( I'm getting all these gamer invites, and I'm like, no ... I'm just sitting here playing Hexic ... [SIGH]


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