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The Rule of 72

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It is difficult to manage your time in youth ministry. We move from periods of intense busyness to insane busyness. Often our family is caught in the crossfire of our calling, and on occasion we push aside what is most important for what is most pressing.

Talking with a respected friend this week, I learned about a great idea - perhaps an addendum to the typical routine of being home by dinner, not missing a game and tucking your kids into bed each night.

Let's call it The Rule of 72.

Every 3-6 months, you pull the kids out of school early on Friday at noon, and go away. You clear the weekend, by whatever means possible, and leave. Take vacation if you have to, fake sick, burn down the church (just kidding, maybe just the shed or something) - whatever it takes to get away. Turn off the phones, leave the computer back in your office. Post an away message on your email account and most importantly, believe it in your heart.

Money isn't important - memories are. Don't tell your kids you love them, show them. Don't tell them you care, it should be readily apparent. At the end of your life the tiny bit of guilt you felt taking a few extra personal days will pale in comparison to the time forever lost with your spouse, son or daughter. You've heard people say something like that before, quickly agreed and mentally moved on.

I sure don't want to make that mistake. I need reminders and prompting to help me remember balance, boundaries and margin.

Maybe it would be difficult for you to ever be away on a Sunday, so you would need to modify this concept a bit. Maybe you take the family Thursday at noon and be back by Sunday morning. Whatever it might look like, I think the principle still sticks.

Get away and spend some real family time together. Carve out 72 hours soon.


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At 9/25/2007, Blogger Dan Gould said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9/25/2007, Blogger Dan Gould said...

Thats a great Idea, you have me thinking now!!!

At 9/26/2007, Blogger Heather McTaggart said...

Josh, I needed to hear this BADLY! I told myself after a great vacation this summer that I would commit MORE time with my kids! I need to be held to it! We even have 2 places to go, we just need to make the time! THANKS FOR THE REMINDER!

At 9/29/2007, Blogger Danny Bowers said...

dude it wasn't 72 hours, but it was 48. head over to the blog for a peak about what we did

At 9/30/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Danny ... or maybe it was someone else! :)



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