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The Outback

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I leave for Australia tomorrow, and ate at Outback Steakhouse today. Just made me chuckle.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 5:40 PM |

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At 9/18/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, Have a great trip. My family and I will be praying for you. Matt Cross (Highlands Fellowship Bristol Campus)

At 9/18/2007, Blogger Michael Norman said...

Just so you know, Australia is nothing like that... :)
Try not to be too disappointed.

At 9/18/2007, Anonymous Tony said...

Dude have a great time. I will be praying your keep your energy up while you are there!

At 9/19/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

hey josh! great new look to the blog! enjoy the trip to australia, amigo. be blessed.

At 9/19/2007, Blogger Leigh Sarti said...

Josh, you probably don't even need to go to Australia now, because the cuisine at Outback is so close to that of Australia, and the restaurant decor is very indigenous.

At 9/20/2007, Anonymous Geoff Snook said...

Hey Josh,

I noticed on Who Are These Guys.com that you've got a contest going for human pyramid videos on YouTube. This has no relation to that...but it is required viewing for your trip to the Gold Coast, Australia next week. It'll give you some background info and it is simply amazing!


Looking forward to your input at the NYMC conference on the Gold Coast.


Geoff Snook


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