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Online Social Connections and Youth Ministry

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Saw this article today in The Gazette today and thought you might enjoy the perspectives on technology, the interwebs and youth ministry. Here's an excerpt from the beginning:
Nina Cilek considers herself a traditionalist when it comes to communicating with her church youth group, preferring the telephone and post office.

“I know the kids have Facebook and MySpace accounts, but that's something I personally don't have,'' said Cilek, 26, youth director at First United Methodist Church, 214 E. Jefferson St., in Iowa City.

Even so, Cilek has access to the Internet, and she occasionally uses e-mail to send quick messages to her youths.

In fact, Eastern Iowa youth leaders say keeping the communication lines open using Facebook and other Internet sites has become a common, if not necessary, tool for their ministries. Many have their own Facebook accounts and use them almost daily to keep in touch.

Of the 26.6 million Facebook users, nearly 12 million are between the ages of 12 and 24, according to www.techcrunch.com the same group of people with whom church youth leaders are working.

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