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New Zealand PDYM: Day One

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Just finished the first of a 2-day conference here in Auckland, I team taught the overview of the purposes with a local pastor here in the community, and then we divided up into tracks of youth and big church. It was great fun, the audience was very receptive and warm.

The only downside to the country so far is that the internet seems to be slow and/or expensive. It is beautiful, and the people are really great. We covered evangelism, worship and fellowship today - and will pick up discipleship and ministry in the morning tomorrow. Off to see the place tonight - fun!


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At 9/27/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

hey dude, glad you're having a good time down under. ya missed the season premiere of the office tonight, was pretty good. but i'm sure u tivo'd it or something. have a great remainder of the trip and ministry time!

At 9/28/2007, Blogger Jeff Smith said...

I've been reading about your "adventure down under." It's weird though, all the people in your pictures... look like normal people. ha ha ha


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