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Letter to Interns

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Just shot this note to our staff interns this morning, thought it might be worth sharing. We're leaving in the AM tomorrow for a mystery road trip. We've been dropping clues all week and no one has figured it out. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow but as some of them read the blog I don't want to spoil it yet.
Gang, before we leave in the morning, I wanted to tell you why we’re taking this trip. I’ve got 3 reasons I’ve been thinking about this morning:

You are a valued staff member of the church. You work tirelessly every week, contributing to the student ministry, young adults, small groups and missions in significant ways. This is a way of us saying to you in a tangible way – thanks for what you do and being a part of the Saddleback story. You are making a huge difference. It is an honor to serve on staff with you.

You need a break. I was just thinking this week about how great it is for our staff to have Monday off this week for the holiday, then was reminded that you always have Mondays off so you technically “lose” time off when a holiday like this rolls around. Not to mention you’re away from home and not with family. So please know that we want you to have margin and time off this week, spending time with your staff family. Leave your laptop and cell phones at home, you won’t need them here and you can’t have a real break with them still on your hip.

You are loved. In the hustle of weekend-driven church ministry we fail to say how much we love you. This is a chance for us to tell you in person and with a small road trip gift. You are going to have a blast – can’t wait to leave in the morning!

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At 9/04/2007, Blogger Corey Mann said...

I dig you. I steal stuff from your blog often. Most recently, Star Wars video, Monday Night Football commentary, and other things.
There will come a day when you and I will meet and we will become friends.
Just wanted you to know.

At 9/05/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Thanks, man! That's VERY cool. JG


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