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The First Night of The Gathering

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Tonight we opened up the invitation-only gathering of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (PDYM) state mentors with a bang - a amazing meal and hangout time at The Field House.

We sat around the pool and the fire pit, getting to know one another and catching up. There's a few new faces, and some really familiar ones as well. Some that are in the midst of intensity at their churches, some in the midst of great success. All are welcome, this is the start to a great conversation about youth ministry in the next couple of days.

And tomorrow, my afternoon session is on the new PDYM blog we'll be launching in October. I can't wait to show them what it can do - we already have more than 20 authorized posters on the blog, soon it will be a madhouse of activity as they start chronicling their PDYM journeys and recording their recent learnings. Dan even made a post already tonight. Woo-hoo!

Exciting week ahead!


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At 9/19/2007, Blogger Erik said...

I am bummed I am missing it...


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