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First Day at School

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I am now the father of a kindergardener. Oh man - what a week!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 8:06 PM |

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At 9/06/2007, Blogger Nick said...

Is this your first child in school?
My oldest started Pre-K this year, it feels weird having a child in school, but he loves it!

At 9/07/2007, Blogger Shawn Michael said...

Same for me. Check this out.

At 9/07/2007, Blogger The Last Boyscout said...

I think it should be a national holiday for parents and Disneyland should be adult only on that day! :)

At 9/07/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

My oldest started kindegarten this week. My wife and I both shed some tears over it. : ( It's kinda funny, though - we have four or five other kids from our church in his class (love small towns!), and they were all surprised to hear that the youth pastor doesn't want to send his kid on the bus. I was like, are you kidding? I KNOW those middle schoolers he'd be riding with!!!


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