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Book Review: Speaking to Teenagers

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Got this new book from Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins last week at The Gathering - it comes out in the next week or so to bookstores (Simply Youth Ministry beats everyone's price for the book at $12.89, from what I can tell). I managed to read it on the airplane and also a bit here in the early mornings of Australia since jet lag has continued to kick my soft American butt.

I've really enjoyed this book quite a bit. The first 3rd of the book is quite technical, dealing with the thoughts behind communication and the transactions that take place during communication. It's pretty fascinating, if sometimes heady. After that, the book takes a turn to the intensely practical, walking you though the S.T.I.C.K. principles:
S.T.I.C.K. in section two is by far my favorite part of the book - though as it heads into the home stretch covering the actual delivery of your talk there's some great insight on room layout, where bad kids will be in the crowd and how your tone/pitch/non-verbals communicate so loudly.

A great read - feels like if you're in front of students a bunch this book should really be required reading.


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At 9/24/2007, Blogger .justin said...

on my way to purchase it for myself and my teaching team right now...

but, as i'm on the checkout screen, i'm wondering if there are any super special simply-josh-podcast-faithful promo codes out right now?

i'll wait to finalize my order until i hear from you!

[BTW: your review here really solidified my decision to order... i was not planning on picking it up until just a minute ago.]

justin at sheltonfbc.org if you want.

At 9/24/2007, Blogger + + + + + + + + said...


i got dibbs. let me borrow that thing when you get back. assuming you bring it back from "down unda." thanks.


At 9/25/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I think you can use TENBUCKS and get a discount right now? Not sure?


At 9/25/2007, Blogger .justin said...


oh... minimum $99 for TENBUCKS code...

oh well, sending the order full price anyway!

thanks for the review.


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